April 14, 2022
10 MIN

How to Keep Your New Year’s Running Resolution  

How to Keep Your New Year’s Running Resolution  

2022 is a year with new resolutions and expectations. The blank slate of a new year is promising and we look forward to making it into anything we want. Resolutions are made to fulfill our best intentions. Running resolutions are often proclaimed by those that want to get fit or obtain even better fitness. There are several ways to keep that special resolution and make a new habit, or attain a particular goal.

1. Choose a Realistic Goal.  Pick something that is achievable and not unrealistic. Be kind to yourself and make your goal fun and desirable.

2. Track Your Progress. You can track your running miles in many ways… your watch, a diary, Strava, or a long-distance challenge race. As you see your miles adding up it will make you proud and likely give you the urge to continue. Make a schedule or purchase a plan that will keep you on track with daily workouts.

3. Motivation. Tell others about your resolution and let it be known. Pick a goal race that will require you to train over a period of time. Choose like minded people to train with you for the same goal. Training groups are fantastic for keeping one another accountable.

4. Reward Smaller Goals Along the Way. You might choose smaller races to prepare you for the bigger race. You could get yourself new running gadgets or apparel as you continue to attain these smaller goals.

5. Invest in Your Goal. Buy plane tickets and book hotel or BNB reservations for an away race. Pay for a race that happens in several months. Spending money is a great way to ensure that you continue to train for the big race!

6. Rebuild and Edit Goals. It is ok to change and adapt as you continue your journey towards your resolution.