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Trailblazer Advanced
Speed Training:
April 2nd - May 25th

8-week speed program geared to get your 5K and 10K race times faster. This program includes individualized group speed workouts at the TCU track on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Spring speed also includes a 10 mile Saturday group run from the Cowtown office at 7 am. The class culminates with a 5K race the weekend of May 25th (race TBO later). Spring speed registrants are invited to all 10 mile Cowtown Trailblazer Saturdays through July 1st.

Registration includes a training shirt and weekly schedules.

Man running The Cowtown Marathon

Trailblazer 10 Mile Saturdays: April 6th - June 29th

Keep your Saturday mileage base up in order to be half marathon ready at any time! The Cowtown Trailblazers offer a 10 mile route each Saturday at 7am, April 6th - July 29th. There will be different routes each Saturday that include water stops and snacks afterwards.

A Cowtown Training shirt is provided.



"I have been an avid runner for 22 years. Even though I have trained for many marathons, half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, and 15ks, in my lifetime I learned that I still needed guidance and training in order to continue to be motivated and run efficiently to avoid injury. I was introduced to the Cowtown Trailblazers 2 years ago when they trained us virtually due to Covid. Since 2020 I have registered for this program because it’s kept me running on a schedule and injury free. The management and coaches are amazing and I continue to learn from their coaching. I will always support this program because we are so blessed to have this training program in our community!"

>> Lynda Parra

"This program was very beneficial for my running career.  I learned about the different types of paces and learned about proper form.  I'm amazed I was able to shave 2.5 mins off my 5k time being 6yrs later!  Most of all I met some amazing people in the group.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming from the first session. I definitely recommend this program and I appreciate everything the Cowtown Trailblazers have done for me.Thanks coaches and fellow Trailblazers. "

>> Tee Greer
"I love this group! I have been part of this group since 2019. I have learned so much from being a Trailblazer. Things I thought I already knew but boy was I wrong. I learned how to control my pace when I wanted to start off fast and how important nutrition is for runners. I could go on but these are just a few. The coaches are amazing, you will never be left behind. If you are a new runner or have a couple of marathons under your belt, being a Trailblazer is the way to go!"

>> Anita Valdez
"Many reasons I love my Cowtown Trailblazers!! Meeting such wonderful runners who care so much, having running buddies, my energy level has improved so much, learned so much about heart rate, diet, hydration and much more. Cowtown does take care of their runners in many ways possible."

>> Diana Villanueva
"I have nothing but praises for the Cowtown Trailblazers Training Program, and I trained in the half marathon and marathon training programs. Coaches Gary and Tamara are excellent, and when they say to trust the program, they mean it. Pace Coaches, for the long runs, are encouraging and supportive.  I have met so many running friends, and they have encouraged me through some tough training sessions. It has been great to have that gentle push to get me out of my comfort zone. Since I have been through these training programs, I have achieved new PRs with my 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon.  My goal was to run a sub - 2hr half, and I achieved 1 hour and 53 minutes, from 2 hours and 2 minutes. My first marathon was 5 hours and 10 minutes, and after my training, I achieved 4 hours and 35 minutes. Thanks Cowtown Trailblazers!"

> Jerry Peterson
"My running truly took off when I joined a running community such as Cowtown. I've always loved running and had a passion for it, but it wasn't until a buddy who was already involved invited me to run a marathon and how a group would be of great help to me. Well, 6 yrs. later I am now not only still with this wonderful group, but my running has improved immensely to PR'ing my marathon time by a total time of 45 minutes. The best part of all though is the wonderful forever friends I have made through this group. I can't wait to see and make many more memories with our wonderful staff and amazing coaches."

>> Sherrie Richards
Runners preparing for training runs
The Cowtown training program runners taking picture by Fort Worth Mural
Runners hanging out after completed training run
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