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When is the last day to register for The 2023 Cowtown?

The last day to register for The Cowtown IN-PERSON event is February 25th. There will not be any in-person registration or onsite registration past this date.

The last day to register for The Cowtown VIRTUAL event is February 26th.

Will there still be age division awards?

Yes, there will be age divisions 5 deep for anyone 17 & under in the Kids 5K presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors, no age divisions will be awarded to runners 18 and older in the Kids 5K
There will be age divisions 3 deep for anyone 18 & over in the Adults 5K, no age division awards will be awarded to runner 17 and under in the Adults 5K
5 deep for anyone 17 & under in the 10K and 3 deep for the 10K 18 & over. 3 deep age division awards will be awarded for the Half Marathon, the age limit for the Half Marathon is 14 years and up. 3 deep age division awards will be awarded for the Full Marathon, the age limit for the Full Marathon is 18 years and up. 1 deep age division awards will be awarded for the Ultra Marathon, the age limit for the Ultra Marathon is 18 years and up.

What if I can't make it or I injure myself? Can I get a refund?

The Cowtown has a 45-year policy of not offering refunds or deferments. However, runners are able to switch their race to a virtual run, or if you feel like you can complete a shorter distance, drop to a shorter distance. Registered runners who become injured or are unable to make the event can also transfer their entry to someone else for free until January 15th. After the 15th, there will be a $30 transfer fee.

If you purchased the race insurance, you will need to contact RegShield/TicketGuardian. ( to file a claim.

Since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you may use your race registration as a charitable donation for your tax purposes. (Our tax ID is 75-2198418).

How do I transfer my race to another runner?

To transfer your race either to another person or between race events, you must first login to Race Roster using the link below. Once you’re signed in, click the transfer button on the right hand side of the screen and select a new sub-event and follow their instructions.

Transferring before January 15th there will be no transfer fees for switching races. After January 15th, there will be a $30 race change fee for transferring distances. You can change your race online until February 24th at midnight. If you miss the deadline, you can still complete any transfer at the Solutions Desk during the Expo so long as the race has not reached capacity.

When switching up to a longer distance you will still pay the difference between races from the time at which you registered.

If you are transferring into a virtual event, or you deferred from 2021 or 2022, please let us know as we will need to initiate the transfer for you.

What if I want to change my race?

Before January 15th, you can change your race online for no fee. From January 16th to February 25th, you can change your race online with a $30 change fee. To do this, login into RaceRoster and click “Transfer.”

If dropping down to a shorter distance, registration fees will not be refunded.

January 15th: Final day to change your race online at no charge
- January 16th – February 25th: You may change your race online ($30 fees apply).
- After February 25th: You must visit the solutions desk at The Cowtown Health and Fitness Expo to make any race changes.

Will there be shuttles for the relay exchange points?

Yes! We are happy to be bringing back the shuttles for the 2 and 4-Person Healthy Hig Relay!

Will there be hotel shuttles?

Yes, we are happy to be bringing back the hotel shuttles for the 2023 event.  More details to come!

Will there be an expo?

The in-person Cowtown Health & Fitness Expo will take place on Friday, February 24th, and Saturday, February 25th. We will also be offering a virtual expo to our virtual runners or ones that cannot make it to the expo. A link to the virtual expo will be sent out race week. Please check it out and help support the merchants that are participating.

Will food and electrolytes be available on the course?

Gatorade will be available on all courses. Gu will be provided to Half, Full, and Ultra Marathon runners at intervals on the course.

Will there be water stops?

We will be having our normal water stops with cups available at the stops.

Refill stations will also be available to refill runners’ water bottles if you choose to use a hydration vest or belt.

Where will the start line be?

Venue layouts to come, check back in the fall of 2022 for more details.

Can I defer to 2023?

We are not allowing refunds or deferments from 2023 to 2024.  If after registering for the 2023 event you are unable to participate you may transfer your registration to another person for a $30 fee or transfer your registration to participate virtually.

When will runner swag be sent out to virtual runners?

We will begin mailing out all virtual gear at the beginning of January, and will continue to mail out through March, depending on your time of registration.

Can I run the race virtually?

Yes, you can run any distance virtually. If you have not selected the virtual option on the registration path, you may transfer your registration into a virtual by visiting this link: and selecting ‘transfer’ on the right-hand side. Virtual results can be submitted starting on January 9th and runners will be able to submit their results through March 31st.

I registered for two races separately, can I still do the Cowtown Challenge?

You will need to email for the $25 challenge upgrade and once paid you’ll be registered for the additional Challenge Swag.
If you do not choose to upgrade to the Challenge, you will not receive the swag that is provided for Challenge participants.
All Challenge Medals and Swag will be available for pick up at the Simmons Bank Reunite Area.

What is the Cowtown Challenge?

The Cowtown Challenge is for anyone registered to complete two races either virtually or in-person. You can be in the challenge by doing both races virtually, one virtually and one in-person, or both events in-person.

Do you allow pets on the course?

No. Due to the large number of runners, we do not allow pets on the course, for their safety and for the safety of all our runners.

Do you have a paper form for registration?

No, all registration must be done electronically. If you are with a school and need assistance, please email and we will be able to help.

Where are your fluid stations along the courses?

There will be fluid stations with water and electrolytes approximately every 1.5 – 2 miles along all courses. There will also be medical support and portalets at each station.

Does the Cowtown donate to a charity?

The Cowtown Marathon is a nonprofit organization promoting health and fitness in the community. By running Cowtown races, runners are supporting The C.A.L.F. (Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness) Program, which provides training to help children develop a lifelong love of fitness. A grant program is offered for students in need of funding their entries into the Kid’s 5K presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors. In addition, these children are provided with training tools, instruction on nutrition and running tips, and quality running shoes to help them achieve their goals.

The Cowtown has partnerships with several local charities where runners raise funds for various causes, such as Alzheimer’s Association and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Can I change which corral I start in?

Once you have been assigned a corral, you cannot move to an earlier corral.

However, if you want to run with your friend/family, you can move back into a later corral.

Will there be pace leaders for the marathon distances?

Yes, we will be offering Pacers for the Sunday races.  Check back in late fall for the pacer list.

Will there be gear check available?

Gear Check will be in the parking lot between Will Rogers Memorial Center and Gendy Street at North end of corrals.

Do you allow walkers at the Cowtown?

Yes, walkers are welcome as long as they are able to complete the course within the cutoff time. 1.5 hours after the last of the 5K corrals start,  2.5 hours after the last of the 10K corral starts, 4.5 hours after the last Half Marathon corral starts, and 7.5 hours after the last Full and Ultra Marathon corrals start. The course times only start AFTER the last runner has crossed the start line.

How long is the course open?

Once the last corral of runners has started, the 5K will be open for 1.5 hours, the 10K will be open for 2.5 hours, the Half Marathon course will be open for 4.5 hours, and the Full Marathon, Healthy Hig Relay, & Ultra Marathon presented by Miller Lite will be open 7.5 hours.

I can't make packet pick-up. Can someone else pick it up for me?

Yes, a family member or a friend may pick up your packet. To do so, they will need your full name, DOB, which race you’re registered for, Bib number, and confirmation number. Bib assignments will be sent out prior to race week.

Is the Cowtown Marathon a Boston qualifier?

The Cowtown Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon presented by Miller Lite are qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.

Do you allow strollers?

Strollers are allowed for your children, provided you indicate this during your registration. Strollers are defined as something pushed, not pulled.

In addition to indicating on your registration that you plan to push your child in a stroller, we require you to start in the last corral, regardless of your pace. In the interest of safety for you, your child(ren), and all participants. You must use caution and yield the right of way to other runners.

Relay Information
Healthy Hig Marathon Relay Info

The 2023 Cowtown Healthy Hig 4-Person & 2-Person Marathon Relay will have 3 Relay Exchange Zones (2-Person Relay will have 1 Relay Exchange Zone).

Exchange Zones will be assigned A-C. For example, Exchange Zone A will be the change of Runner 1 to Runner 2.

Relay Distance and Exchange Zones

Leg 1 – 6.6 Miles
Leg 2 – 6.2 Miles
Leg 3 – 5.7 Miles
Leg 4 – 7.7 Miles

Leg 1 – 12.8 Miles
Leg 2 – 13.4 Miles

• Exchange between Runner 1 and Runner 2
Stockyards Station; Packers Street and Stockyards Blvd
(Relay Parking lot east end of Coopers BBQ lot – Relay runners will have to walk short distance to Exchange Point A)

• Exchange between Runner 2 and Runner 3
8th Ave and Park Place Ave
(Relay parking across street at Cooks Children parking lot 8th Ave & Park Place)

• Exchange between Runner 3 and Runner 4
Foster Park – Trail Lake and South Drive
(Relay parking in Foster Park Parking Lot or on street parking)

Team Format

A team consists of 2 or 4 members. A team member can participate in more than one event as long as he/she is registered in each event. You must register and pay for any additional race entries if you choose to run more than one event. (Note: you must have both Relay & Half, Full, or Ultra Marathon bib visible). If you run the Half Marathon, you may run leg 1 of the Marathon Relay and be eligible for the Challenge medal. Each participant will cross an exchange at the end of their Leg.


Exchange Zones & Transportation

Shuttle busses will be available for runners to take to Relay Exchange Zones. More info to come in late fall.

4-Person Team:
Leg 1: Runner 1 takes off from the Start line, runs 6.6 miles and exits course for Runner 2 at Exchange Zone A – Packers Drive & Stockyards Blvd (at the East end of Stockyards Station)
Leg 2: Runner 2 runs 6.2 miles and exits course for Runner 3 at Exchange Zone B – 8th Ave & Park Place Ave
Leg 3: Runner 3 runs 5.7 miles and exits course for Runner 4 at Exchange Zone C – Foster Park (Trail Lake & South Drive)
Leg 4: Runner 4 runs 7.7 miles to the Finish Line

2-Person Team:
Leg 1: Runner 1 takes off from the Start line, runs 12.8 miles and exits course for Runner 2 at Exchange Zone B – 8th Ave & Park Place Ave
Leg 2: Runner 2 runs 13.4 miles to the Finish Line

Driving Directions & Other Relay Details

• Water, Aid, Port-a-Potties, and Finisher Medals will all be available as the runner exits the course at the relay stations.
• Pre-packaged Race Day Food Bag will be provided for all relay runners for Legs 1-3 once they exit the Race Course
• Exiting Relay Runner Transportation will be up to the relay participant. Some suggestions might be… make arrangements to have a pickup, or hand off keys from the exchanging runner to drive their car from the parking spot and meet up at a reunite area once all are finished.
AGAIN, WE WANT TO STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING AHEAD WHEN ARRIVING AT THE RELAY EXCHANGES. We have tried to suggest ways to drive that will be out of the area of any crossing running traffic as not to get caught up in traffic congestion.

More info regarding bus shuttles to come in late fall.

Packet Pickup & Teams
Packet Pickup & Team Info

Packet pick-up for The 2023 Cowtown will be back in the Amon G Carter Exhibits Hall at the Will Rogers Memorial Center during the 2023 Expo. The Expo will be Friday, February 24th (1 pm – 7 pm) – Saturday, February 25th (6 am – 5 pm).

The person picking up the packet(s) will need to have a valid ID and the confirmation number of any person that you are picking up for.


Team Deadlines

Team deadline is January 14th, 2023 – THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS

How to Create a Team

• Click the registration link here: Register
• Select which race distance you wish to run and fill in your personal information
• You will create a team in the section labeled ‘Teams’
• Select ‘Yes create a new team and add this participant’
• Select the team category and type in your team name
• Finish the registration process

*The first person to sign up and create the team is the team captain*

How to Join a Team (Corporate, Open or Military)

• Click the registration link above
• Select which race distance you wish to run and fill in your personal information
• You will join a team in the ‘Teams’ section towards the bottom
• Select ‘Add Participant to Team created by someone else’
• You are prompted to select a category and you can find the team name
• Finish the registration process

Team Race Categories

• COLLEGE TEAM COMPETITION (enrolled in the same college or university)
• CORPORATE TEAM COMPETITION (work for the same employer)
• MILITARY TEAM COMPETITION (representing a base or unit, active duty or reserve
• OPEN TEAM COMPETITION (clubs, houses of worship, neighborhood organizations, friends, etc)

Team Packet Pickup Instructions

Team Packet Pick-Up will be available for teams of 25 or more runners. It will be held the week before the race on February 15th – 18th at The Cowtown Office.

Team Captains may pick up their team bibs, shirts, and race information before anyone else. All packets must be picked up at once.

Spectators Guide
Spectator Guide Info

The most important aspect of our road race is the thousands of spectators who give friends, family members, neighbors, and visitors the support they need with a side of Texan hospitality. Anyone can be an essential part of race day and the excitement of thousands of runners. Choose the perfect place along the course and cheer ‘til your voice gives out.
Venue Layouts to come in early fall.


Keep the energy high. Most runners train for months and need the support of a crowd to keep going.

Be respectful. Please follow appropriate race, verbal, and cultural etiquette.

Give runners the right of way. If a runner appears to need medical attention, inform a course monitor or nearby volunteer. If an injury looks serious, please find a police officer.

Prepare for the weather. Wear layers to be comfortable throughout the day and have inclement weather gear handy.

Specator Spots on Sunday

Start Line: The race begins at Will Rogers Memorial Center. This is a great spot to get the energy going, inspire runners, and be there for the big finish. Only runners with bibs are allowed in the actual start area.

Mile 1: The first mile passes Trinity Park and Duck Pond. This is a beautiful spot to cheer on runners as they begin a great race.
Mile 3: Rabbit Hole Pub, 3237 White Settlement Road. Rabbit Hole Pub watch party starting at 6:30am. Join this fun group for drink specials and good music. Next door to The Rabbit Hole Pub check out the yummy breakfast taco food truck and Elvis playing for your entertainment.
Mile 5 1/2: Northside Community Center will be cheering on runners from their beautiful library lawn located at 601 Park Street (corner of Circle Park Blvd and NW 20th). Northside Community Center has been cheering on Cowtown runners for years. Thanks Northside Community Center for your continued support.
Mile 5-6: At this point, runners are at a comfortable pace. They are approaching the Stockyards National Historic District and will
experience one of the highlights of the race along the bricks with a front-row view of Fort Worth’s cowboy culture.
• Relay Exchange Zone A is located just past Mile 6.
• Mile 7 1/2: Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at 1327 N Main Street will be ringing their cowbells loudly and proudly. As runners pass by the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, they will be warmly received by a “Cowtown Fiesta” Cheer Station. This cheer station will include a family-friendly bounce house, breakfast tacos, and a polka band! In addition, everyone can enjoy some local hospitality donated by FWHCC chamber members that include Casa Azul Coffee, Wild Acre Beer, chips and salsa by Paco’s Mexican Cuisine, and margaritas by the Law Office of Rosa Maria Berdeja.
• Mile 7-9: Main Street is the longest straightaway in the race. The bridge requires the most energetic cheering as most runners gear up for the challenge. Tell runners to keep their heads up, their hips under them, and move those arms. Remind each one they have come too far to let up now!
• Mile 9.5: Runners are approaching Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth. This is a wonderful place to cheer from and is known for great dining and shopping, so be sure to support local businesses while you are there. The Half Marathoners only have 4 miles to finish, so help them power through!
• Mile 10.5 – 11: Main Street Village. Enjoy coffee and breakfast and cheer marathon and relay course runners along this revitalized area.
• Mile 12: Magnolia Ave is a great spot to keep the runners energy going as they make their way through this beautifully restored area.
• Mile 12 1/2: Fairmount Historic Neighborhood will be having “Whistles and Waffles” at their park. For more than a decade the Fairmount Neighborhood Association has been the place to motivate runners on the marathon route. A big thanks to Waffle House for sponsoring and serving their yummy waffles to neighbors and spectators. Due to road closure on Magnolia Ave and 5th Ave. the best way to get to Fairmount Park is from Allen Ave to Henderson. The address for Fairmount Park is 1500 5th Ave., Ft. Worth, TX.
• Mile 13: The halfway point of the Marathon is at Park Place Village. This is a perfect place from which to cheer. Team up with the fluid station here to encourage everyone to keep going.
• Relay Exchange Zone B is located at Mile 13.
• Mile 19: Foster Park is the final relay exchange, cheer all runners from here.
• Relay Exchange Zone C is located at Mile 19.
• Mile 20: Most runners are now going further than they have run before during training. Bodies are low on fuel and most runners have found the infamous “wall.” Meet these runners at Overton Park and keep their spirits high!
Mile 23: The last few miles of the race cross around the Woodshed restaurant on the Trinity Trails. This is when each runner is in need of a final push to finish strong!
• Mile 26: Almost Done! View all finishing runners during their last tenths of a mile as they turn left on Gendy and head to the finish line. Cheer them on as they push up Lancaster toward S Gendy and the finish line. Live music and food ahead. Congratulate everyone who crosses the finish line and accomplishes this momentous personal goal

We can't wait to see you there!

Drug Policy
Drug Use and Eligibility Policy

Section 1: Opening Statement
Cowtown Marathon, Inc. supports the USATF Zero Tolerance Action Plan to catch cheating athletes and coaches that are using or supplying performance enhancing drugs. Cowtown Marathon will work closely with and will encourage the USATF to perform drug testing annually at The Cowtown Marathon and other prize money events hosted by Cowtown Marathon, Inc. Furthermore, we are committed to assisting the USATF with their efforts to educate coaches and athletes that drug use is morally and ethically wrong, dangerous to one’s health and detrimental to the spirit of running. Additionally, The Cowtown Marathon supports the USATF SafeSport Program committed to creating a culture that clearly advocates, and provides for, a safe environment in which our athletes compete.

Section 2: Eligibility Policy
To be eligible for elite entry, prize purse or finish result an athlete must:

• Not be currently serving a suspension for use of a banned substance
• Not have ever served a ban for use of performance-enhancing drugs
• Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had two or more such suspensions by their athletes in the previous four years
• Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who ever served a ban for use of performance-enhancing drugs during their own athletic career
• Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)
• Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA, and WADA
• Not currently be serving a suspension from either USATF or the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

In special circumstances, athletes who have medical conditions that require them to take medications on WADA’s Prohibited List may compete with a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). Athletes must notify the Cowtown Marathon in writing, in advance of such circumstances. Prize money will be withheld while a TUE application is pending.

Cowtown Marathon will immediately terminate any agreement that has been made between the race and an athlete regarding race entry, food, lodging and/or travel assistance should race organizers gain knowledge of an athlete’s prior prohibited drug use, suspension, or representation by ineligible coaches and/or agents after the agreement was made.

Section 3: Athlete Affidavit
Prior to competing, it will be mandatory for each elite athlete in The Cowtown Marathon to sign an affidavit stating that he/she is not using any performance enhancing drugs, and that he/she is familiar with The Cowtown Marathon Drug Use and Eligibility Policies (sections 1 and 2 above).

Event Maps
2023 Course Map

• Interactive Map – Check back in early winter

2023 Course Turn-By-Turn

Check back in late fall for course turn-by-turns

Parking Map & Layout
Pacer Information
Pacer Names & Details

Pacer names and details to come in early winter 2023.

Why should I join a Cowtown pace group?

Running with a Cowtown pace group is a fun way to experience The Cowtown and target a specific finish time. Our Cowtown pacers are highly experienced runners who will encourage you throughout the race and help you achieve your goal.

Can pace group leaders help me qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Yes. There is a marathon pace group for every Boston Marathon qualifying time beginning at 3:05 and up. The Marathon pace groups are: 3:05, 3:10, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:50, 3:55, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 4:50, 5:05, 5:20

What half marathon pace groups are available?

Half Marathon Pace Groups span 1:40-2:30 in 5-minute intervals: 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, 2:25, 2:30.

What ultra marathon pace groups are available?

Ultra Marathon (50K) Pace groups are 5:00, 5:30, 6:00

How do I join a Cowtown pace group?

There is no sign-up to run with a pace group. Just find the pace group you wish to join on race day and run with them.

Where do I meet up with my chosen pace group?

Just find the pace group you wish to run with in the starting corrals. Pace group leaders will be stationed in the corrals 20 minutes before the start of the race. Pacers will be holding signs with finish times. Pacer signs will correspond to the bib colors of each distance—Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra.

In which starting corrals will the Cowtown pace groups be placed?

Corral assignments are forthcoming. Stop by the Pacer Booth at the Cowtown Expo for this information. (Note: You cannot move up in corrals, only back.)

The pace group I want is not offered in my corral, what should I do?

Corral assignments are based on the estimated finish time you provided when you registered for The Cowtown. You may freely move back to a slower starting corral but advancing to a faster starting corral is not allowed.

Does it cost to join a Cowtown pace group?


Which Cowtown pace group should I join?

You should choose a pace that reflects your training and ability level and allows you to run at a comfortable pace throughout the event. There are a number of online tools that help predict a finish time based upon recent finishing times of other distances. We recommend you consult with one of these tools or a running coach.

Can I meet pace group leaders before the race?

Many of our pace group leaders will be at the Pacer Booth at the Cowtown Health & Fitness Expo. We encourage you to stop to meet them and ask any questions you may have!

Do I have to run with the pace group the whole time?

Feel free to run with our Cowtown pace group leaders as little or as much as you like. Some runners stay with their Pacer only for the first few miles and others like to run with their pace group all the way to the finish line.

Can I change to a different pace group mid-race?

Absolutely. Feel free to drop back to a slower pace group or surge ahead to find a faster group.

Do Cowtown pace groups go by clock time or chip time?

Chip time. Cowtown pacers will start their watches at the start line as they cross the timing mats.

What race strategy will pace group leaders use?

Generally speaking, our pacers will maintain even splits. However, we trust their experienced judgment and have given them the freedom to adjust in order to maintain even effort. This means they may bank a little time in advance of hills, water stops, or other course challenges. The faster groups will maintain the most even split­s while the slower groups may employ a run/walk strategy. Ask your pace group leader when you meet them.

How will my pace group leader handle drinking at the fluid stations?

Faster pace groups may run and drink while slower pace groups may take walk breaks to hydrate at Fluid Stations. Ask your group leader what they plan to do.

Fluid Stations
Fluid Station Info

Check back in early fall for a full list of Fluid Stops for the 5K, 10K, Half , Full, Healthy Hig Relay, and Ultra Marathon presented by Miller Lite.

Hotel Information

EventConnect has contracted hotels on behalf of the Cowtown Marathon to ensure runners have accommodations at the lowest possible rate. On average, EventConnect saves teams 24% on group rates. Through the EventConnect online booking platform, groups can create a complimentary room block for families and make individual reservations at the lowest guaranteed group rate.

For assistance booking a group hotel block, or making a group reservation, please email assistance creating or modifying a reservation, please email

Sights & Nightlife
Sights & Nightlife Info

Welcome to Fort Worth, the 15th-largest city in the United States and one of “America’s Most Livable Communities.” Today, Fort Worth, Texas is a thriving center of culture and commerce.

Come explore a vibrant downtown marketplace! Sundance Square is 20 fabulous blocks of downtown Ft. Worth where people work, live, shop, and dine.

The Fort Worth Cultural District, home to five wonderful museums in a relaxing, park-like setting is a great place to start your tour. Throughout the city, you’ll also find museums devoted to Western heritage and Fort Worth’s colorful past.

The Fort Worth Zoo has been ranked as the No. 1 attraction in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area and No.19 among the “50 Overall Top-Rated Attractions” in the entire United States by the Zagat Survey U.S. Family Guide.

Over 25 Unique Shops – including an art gallery, clothing shops, pottery, jewelry, a wine store, a photography studio and much more. Walking Tours of the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards are available through the Stockyards Visitors Center.

The oldest botanic garden in Texas, is a lush 109-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. A peaceful haven nestled in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District, the Garden is home to over 2,500 species of native and exotic plants that flourish in its 21 specialty gardens.

When the sun goes down, Fort Worth really comes alive. Fort Worth nightlife also has a proud musical tradition. Across the city, you’ll find national and local acts performing in a wide variety of venues – from roadhouses to refined concert halls.


Shuttles traveling between the start/finish area and select hotels will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday. Please check the hotel section for all available hotel shuttles.Healthy Hig Relay exchange shuttles will also be available to runners to use to travel between their exchange zones and the reunite area.


The thousands of runners and volunteers who converge on the race site on race day morning create unavoidable traffic congestion. Plan to arrive early to avoid traffic delays. Transit facilities and traffic will be controlled by local police and official course monitors, but runners should always use extreme caution. DASH shuttles will be circulating from downtown hotels to Will Rogers Memorial Center during race weekend.

Please visit for more information on shuttle locations and times.

Looking to volunteer?

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