April 14, 2022

Staying Inspired to Exercise during the Chaotic Holiday Season

Staying Inspired to Exercise during the Chaotic Holiday Season

Decadent food, delicious drinks, work gatherings and social events galore. The holiday season is here.  Cookies, cake and yummy items line the tables at the workplace during December. Parties, happy hour and social occasions flood the calendar from Thanksgiving to New Years. All this makes training a little bit tougher. Here are some great ways to staying focused on your workouts as you prepare for your event during the holidays.

Have a strategy. Establish a routine. Plan ahead. Keep your goal in mind. Don’t get discouraged.

Find a run group. It is always better with other like-minded individuals. Many running stores or social run groups will have entertaining running events to help you stay motivated during this hectic holiday time. A running buddy is also a plus. If someone is waiting to meet you for a run or workout, you are less apt to skip out for a warm bed or happy hour. Check out local holiday related races to keep you on the right track.

Time is a valuable commodity for all of us. It is ok to mix in some cross training with your running schedule. A longer run can be shortened to fast speed work to save time, which is better than skipping all together. If you do have to skip a workout forgive yourself and move on.

Reward yourself with a new workout outfit. This can help you stay interested in keeping in shape during the holiday rush.

Avoid temptation and try to eat healthy before parties so you are not as hungry and tempted to go crazy with high calorie goodies Do a lap around the buffet to scope out your festive favorites. Then, add a small portion of your must-try bites to your plate, and fill out the rest of the space with lighter fare, like salads and veggie sides.

Try this challenge with a group of friends: Pick a day for everyone to weigh in. Throw some money into the pot and whoever does not gain weight by January gets to split the money!

It is definitely possible to have your holiday cake and exercise too!! You got this!