April 14, 2022
11 MIN

Treadmill Running VS Road Running

Treadmill Running VS Road Running

Many may prefer treadmill running to road running or vice versa. Both have their pros and cons. Research has told us that if you put the treadmill at 1% it will mimic a flat road outside. Let’s look at the good and bad for each.


• Can be set to run hills and follow a race course

• Pace can be controlled because it is easy to track pace and miles

• Convenient

• You can multi-task (read or watch TV)

• The surface is easier on the joints

• Can run alone at any hour

• Weather is not an issue


• You can get hurt (injured or fall off)

• Unable to go downhill to train hamstrings for downhill racing outside

• You can’t make turns on the treadmill like you can outside

• Boring

• It is hard to learn how to pace outside because the treadmill forces you to keep a pace

Outdoor Running

• Don’t need a gym

• You can train anywhere if traveling

• Condition body for road races

• Enjoy nature and fresh air

• Builds bones (weight bearing and high impact)

• Burns more calories due to wind resistance


• Risk of injury

• Weather

• Hazards of outside including cars, cyclists, dogs

It is personal preference as to which types of running each of us prefer. Many of us might do a mix of both. The bottom line is to get out there and RUN, whether on the treadmill or the road!

Happy Running!!!