Sept. 30th, 2024


Half, Full, or Ultra Marathon


All Races: $75

Cowtown Challenge: +$25

You can also complete a 2022, 2023, or 2024 Challenge Series to receive the Challenge Medals for those years!The Challenge is an additional $25 and means you will need to complete either a 5K or 10K for that year. The Challenge will include a 5K/10K medal as well.

Quantities are limited! Be sure to register before you lose your chance to finish your series!

The Cowtown is known for its medal series. There are athletes, however, that may have joined us in the middle of a series and they are missing part of their medal collection. Now is the time to fix that! Earn the first three pieces of the puzzle for the ongoing 4-year series.

Register today for The Cowtown Blast from the Past Virtual Run and you can run any Half, Full, or Ultra distance of any year from 2022 thru 2024. Runners have until September 30th to complete their virtual race and earn their medal from a past series. Runners can now complete the series they missed out on!!

Participant(s), can upload proof of your run to Race Roster using the link below:


What's Included?
You will receive these with the purchase of any 'Blast from the Past' race distance:
- Downloadable Bib you can print out and wear (if you choose)
- Finisher Medal for the year selected
- Runner Shirt for the year selected
- Finisher Shirt for the year selected
- Downloadable and Printable Finisher Certificate
-Promo Code for $10 off a 2025 Cowtown registration

What's a Virtual Run?
Going ‘virtual’ means that as a runner or walker you can participate in an event from any location you choose, at your own pace and time it yourself.

Once complete, you can record your results through the Race Roster platform, and have the option to print out a finisher certificate. The Cowtown team will then mail you your finisher medal, runner shirt, and finisher shirt for the year you chose to run.

When running your Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra we would love for you to run/walk your distance in one outing but we understand that you may need to split it up in shorter segments to complete the goal. This is your virtual walk/run and we want you to be able to complete it where you want.

Choose any trail, sidewalk, or treadmill and make this event your race. Complete it with your family, by yourself, bring your dog, or a stroller.

The race's total distance must be completed no later than September 30th, 2024.

Contact information:
The Cowtown Office
Phone: +1 817-207-0224